Thursday, January 22, 2015

100% Inbound Lead Generation - Possible?

Is it possible to completely eliminate cold calling and other outbound activities that cost a ton and don't convert easily?

Yes, it is.  In 3 years, we have shut down all outbound activities, like cold calling and trade shows.

Meanwhile, we have scaled inbound activities, like content marketing, SEO, social and community marketing.

That strategy has paid off a lot.

 Here are some results:
  • 20x increase in the highest quality leads
  • 9x increase in cost of leads
  • 8x increase in conversion rates

This approach liberates sales people from the lead generation activities, providing them extra time to focus on converting these leads.

Here is the latest breakdown of high quality leads:
  • 65% - organic leads (content marketing, SEO, social, community, digital PR)
  • 25% - PPC
  • 10% - email nurturing

No trade shows last year.  No cold calls.  No paid content syndication.  No airport or freeway banners.